Decorative Architectural Columns Add a Beautiful Touch to Any Project

Our decorative architectural columns make for a stunning finishing touch to any project. Each column is made by hand to correctly replicate the look and feel of tapering columns found in traditional Greek and Roman design. We craft them to stay true to traditional Italian columns..

A limited lifetime warranty comes with all of our columns. Our columns are sound structurally according to the American Society of Civil Engineers given that live up to or surpass all performance assessment guidelines. Each of our columns also conform to all residential and commercial building codes, therefore our products are perfect on various projects. They are made available in diameters of 6 to 36 inches and from 5’6″ to 30′ tall, depending on the architectural style selected. Split columns and tailored made cuts are also made available.

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Timeless Columns Look Great with Every Style of Architecture

All in all, Timeless Architectural’s decorative columns are tested to be structurally stronger in comparison with quite a few traditional materials. The mixture of fiberglass reinforced polymer composite we use is a more solid choice than concrete, steel and aluminum. Every Timeless column is waterproof, fungus-free, resistant to bugs, and impervious to weather extremes. This makes them just about maintenance free. And every individual piece passes serious quality standards to make certain that you’re getting a high-quality column..

If you need columns made out of wood, Timeless Architectural offers both stain-grade and paint-grade possibilities. Our superior paint-grade architectural columns are manufactured of top-quality softwood lumber. In addition they are manufactured with tongue and groove construction. Our stain-grade decorative columns can be found in various finishes: red oak, hard maple, mahogany and cherry.. Regardless of the design, we have columns to choose from in a style which is able to enhance your design.

Our Columns are Delivered Straight from the Manufacturer in Georgia

Our manufacturing plant is in Cumming, Georgia where we make our hand-crafted architectural columns. We are dedicated to producing products which have a smooth, flawless and will last a lifetime. Each piece is hand sanded to make sure the seams are completely unseen. Our team takes pride in making industry leading architectural columns.

If you are looking to inject classic charm to your building, no matter inside its walls an external application, we invite you to explore our supply of columns to find the most suitable product for your needs. Our selection of columns are available in round and square accent and classic square or round. Our round wood columns can be found in non-tapered and tapered styles, with a fluted or smooth finish. Contact Timeless Architectural to buy any of our products.

If you have questions, please call us today at 800-423-3311. Contact Us