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Classically Designed Balustrades and Spindles from Timeless

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The beauty and grandeur of classically designed balusters and spindles from Timeless can add a decorative touch to the interior or exterior of your home or commercial site. Many of the most popular balustrade systems, also occasionally known as baluster systems, offer your choice of commercial height, rooftop height, and residential height balusters, all featuring exquisite and intricate detailing.
All spindle and baluster systems from Timeless include extended balusters for stair rail applications and can be installed in both straight and curved [radius] applications. Railing and newel caps are interchangeable with all applications.

A Range of Baluster Systems to Suit Your Personal Style

Cambridge Balusters

This, the most popular line of baluster systems, comes in your choice of heights. The Cambridge baluster system meets the 36″ residential code height and the 42″ commercial (residential in some states) code height as well as 24” and 28″ heights for rooftop applications. Extended balusters for stair applications and half balusters are also available.

Huntington Balusters

Classic and stately in design, the Huntington baluster system offers dramatic old world styling that will enhance any exterior. Huntington balusters meet the 36″ residential code height. Each baluster is hand-finished to a beautiful smooth surface and are also available as extended stair balusters and as half balusters.

Jefferson Balusters

These balusters offer a truly unique profile with a squared-off teardrop contour that captures the essence of the graceful Federal style of classic American architecture. Jefferson balusters are available in standard residential and extended stair heights and are also available as half balusters.

Charleston, Savannah and Lexington Spindle Balusters

The beautiful detailing of these spindle baluster systems offer the warmth of classic American style. Flexible in design, each of these spindle baluster systems can be used for residential, stair installations, roof top installations, and all meet the 36″ residential code height. The Savannah Collection also includes commercial (43 ½” system height), extended commercial height balusters and 27” roof top system height.

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