Manufacturing Architectural Products That Enhance All Custom Home Plans and Commercial Spaces

Founded in 1996, Timeless Architectural Reproductions, Inc., manufactures and distributes beautifully handcrafted and finished architectural products that can be used in a variety of custom home plans and commercial applications. Luxury home products from Timeless are constructed from a unique marble fiberglass reinforced polymer composite material.

Located in Cumming, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, the company began by manufacturing decorative capitals. It has since expanded to offer balustrade systems and other luxury home products, including columns, decorative moulding, and architectural millwork, which are ideal for custom home plans or commercial spaces. All balustrade systems and capitals are manufactured on site at the company’s headquarters.
Products offered by Timeless Architectural Reproductions include:

Luxury Home Products Combine Classic Beauty with Modern Materials

Luxury home products from Timeless combine the classic beauty and heritage of old-world style with state-of-the-art materials to produce extraordinarily detailed architectural reproductions that can enhance luxury home designs and office spaces by adding a look of elegance, strength, and durability.
All luxury home products from Timeless are perfect for custom home plans because they are virtually maintenance free, impervious to insects and extreme weather, and will not rot, split, or crack. Timeless products also are ideal for use in commercial applications. Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions are included for skilled do-it-yourselfers, so there is no need to hire skilled carpenters or masons. Plus, all products from Timeless come with a lifetime-limited warranty. Timeless products are available across North America and can be purchased by contacting Timeless directly.

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